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Spanien – Die Tage in Madrid

Madrid, 23 °C, sunny days. This is a good combination to enjoy important places, such as Retiro’s Park and Botanical Garden. Also to take a good walk in Downtown and to go to the Royal Palace, Spain Square, Plaza Mayor and Almudena’s cathedral.

But…nothing beats a morning or afternoon in Retiro Park!!! It is the most popular park in Madrid where you can see all sorts of people. The large lake where you can go boating or simply laze around on is the central point, but you also can eat and drink in one of several open air bars, called “terrazas”. Well, we enjoyed more to lay down on the grass in front the lake at the Cristal Palace…a good view!

But take care… the sun is so hard in Madrid, is not so good forget the sun block!

Architecture and Art

At the capital of Spain has Gothic-style churches, Renaissance constructions and so many buildings with arabic, french and italian influences. The “Banco de España”, Atocha Station, the City Hall and the Agricultura Ministery are beautiful buildings.

When the subject is art… the well-known Paseo del Arte is unforgettable! It is compound for the three main museums: the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, Prado, and the Queen Sofía National Art Centre Museum. Very famous, the Prado Museum is one of the best art gallery of the world. Good for people who like collections of sixteenth, seventeenth, and twentieth century art. Highlights for Goya, Velázquez and El Greco. For this…two tips: journalists with international press card don’t pay for the ticket:) and is more cheap to buy the “ Paseo del art” ticket: 14 euros. But with you have time and patience to wait at the line you can go for free from Tuesday to Saturday (18h -20h), in Prado Museum, and Saturday (14h30-21h) and Sunday (10h-14h30), in Queen Sofía Museum.

To watch the famous “flamenco” you can go to the “Teatro Espanol” (Spanish Theater) where have several apresentations of all kinds of art, whether traditional or contemporânea. We went there to see a beautiful Flamenco’s show, called „Lluvia“ (Rain). Is good to know that in many shows, the tickets can vary between 4 and 25 euros… accessible price!

Sea food

The Spanish cuisine is very diverse, but the sea food are certainly much more appreciated. So, too much octopus, shrimp, mussels and crabs and lobsters. Tortillas (tart of potatoes and other vegetables) and tapas (appetizers and snacks typical) are easy to find for a good price. The menu of the day can cost between 8 and 15 euros.

Nobody may leave Madrid or Spain without to take a taste of the famous “sangria”, a drink, usually served in a jar, is performed based on wine and fruit ). We tasted it made with prosecco… Wow…delicious!

Toledo, a City-museum

Toledo is a nice town near to Madrid famous as “historic city-museum” , located on a hill overlooking the Tejo river. To go there you can get the Renf Train and to spend 30 minutes to arrive at the train station. To go to the city by foot is very nice and easy, but it’s a long way!

Of the many monuments of the city, the most famous is the Cathedral: built on the site of a Visigothic church and a mosque, the temple is a mixture of styles. Walking through the narrow streets we could see the rich cultural heritage, architectural and artistic that comes from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish.

But one of the best places, maybe the most of tourists can’t realize, is the “Dom Quixote route”, where the people can walk beside the Tejo River and get a good time to rest after a long walk for the streets and museums.

Tip: The ticket by Renf has deduction if you buy the round-trip! You can get it for 15 euros!

And…Was time to come back !

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