Brasilien Entdeckungen Reisen

On the way to the brasil´s waterfalls


The rain that falls this time of year in Brasilia was in a bit discouraging for the trip to Chavalcanti, a little town 330 km far from Brasilia. But, we did not give up and we took the road towards the waterfalls.




We are already in Frebruary, but I´m still in time to write some lines about the journeys of earlier this year: About New Year 2010, Holiday in Hüttschlag (Austria) and Barcelona.

Entdeckungen Karten Reisen

Autumn half-term

Header_autumn_half-term 2009

Chris and Chris were on the road to discover Germany and other parts of Europe. The journey started in Bielefeld and ended in Bielefeld. The targets were Munich, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Freiburg (Black Forest). After 4500 km in two and half weeks we got lots of amazing experience.

Brasilien Entdeckungen Reisen

Rio de Janeiro


Time is running. From the initial 5 ½ weeks 3 ½ weeks are over. In the meantime I get some workday routine. I get up at 7:30 am, go out and study until 12 pm in the National Library of Brasilia. The workday ends with an amazing lunch. Anyhow I have special moments among other things one journey to Rio de Janeiro.

Brasilien Entdeckungen Neu für mich

My second week in Brasil


Today is thursday and my second week in Brasil is over. The last week was eventful. Christiane and I visited the National Theatre of Brasilia and listened to one of the composition of Beethoven and Mendelssohn. Furthermore we travelled to the wonderful island Florianopolis where I met Christiane´s family for the first time.