Brasilien Entdeckungen Reisen

Rio de Janeiro


Time is running. From the initial 5 ½ weeks 3 ½ weeks are over. In the meantime I get some workday routine. I get up at 7:30 am, go out and study until 12 pm in the National Library of Brasilia. The workday ends with an amazing lunch. Anyhow I have special moments among other things one journey to Rio de Janeiro.


For 10 days I was in the city of Samba. But unfortunately i have seen no Samba… It is not the right time to watch samba in Rio. Instead i have watched the amazing beaches of Rio. I couldn´t imagine how wonderful these Beaches are. I thought beaches and a big city in the backround don´t fit together.


But I have erred… When you lay on the beach and look at the ocean you don´t realize that a big city is behind you. Fortunately the beaches of Rio are not so crowdy at this time. So you can enjoy… only you, a few of kiter and the sound of the ocean.


It is important in all big cities in Brasil especially in Rio and São Paulo that you are very careful with people whom do a service for you e.g. Taxi… THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!!! For one and the same way we paid three varying prices. You should agree on the price before you use services.


It is very helpful if you have someone who speaks the native language. But even so they try to take your money out of your pocket.
We took the bus most of the time. But it is difficult to use the public transport system. No timetables, no maps, nothing on which you can look… you have to ask to get your target.


The Beaches are not the only highlight of rio. The Christ statue belong to it. But I have to say it is not so special. I don´t really know why? Maybe too many tourists… the best way to climb the Corcovado taking the Corcovado Railway. On the submontane you take a small train which bring you directly to the statue.
We were there at noon. I think the best time to go there is the late afternoon… one hour before sunset. Then I could imagine that the sunset in this place is amazing. The sun disappears behind the mountains together with the sun reflection in the ocean.


And when the sunset is over the nightlife resurrects. Definitely you can go clubbing every night. The best clubs you don´t find alone. You need help… We had help… We slept in a friends house. She took us to a great party in an unimpressive building.


If you have time and you want to relax for a time you can visit the botanic garden of Rio. The botanic garden is not so special… but it is worth seeing (very tall palms). However I like more european botanic gardens.


Furthermore we got the chance to join an indepentend movie night… It was very fun… lot of good movies. Thankfully the cinamas in Brasil show the movie in english so I get the chance to watch movies too.


To sum up Rio de Janeiro is an nice and interesting city to visit. But it is important to have someone who knows this city or you are a perfect survivor with a good plan. Only then you have chance to find your way.

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